Our practice concentrates on removing interferences to the nervous system at the spinal level.   People of all ages come to us with symptoms ranging from chronic earaches in children, to headaches, arm pain, low back pain and sciatica.  Returning their nervous system to normal is our objective.  This allows the body's inborn wisdom to express its full health potential through the nervous system, leading the individual back to health.  While we concentrate on this traditional chiropractic objective,  we also utilize unique treatment methods that are especially suited to those who have a fear of the so called "crack" associated with some spinal adjusting.
Your initial visit will consist of a specialized spinal examination to determine where and how much stress is in your spine.  We then utilize a combination of diversified adjusting by hand, Thompson drop table adjusting, and instrument adjusting.  We utilize the Arthrostim Adjusting Instrument and the KH2 upper cervical adjusting instrument.  By utilizing controlled incremental thrusts , these instruments are able to accomplish spinal correction without activating undesirable pain receptors , providing the comfort and efficiency today's patient demands without the traditional "crack" that people are often afraid of.
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